• Special Items

      These are special limited time offerings prepared by our chefs. All items are in limited supply so try them while you can! O(≧▽≦)O

    • Chirashi [ちらし]


      Part of our new Sakana oferings, you can think of chirashi as sushi in a bowl. Assorted sushi/sashimi on top of sushi rice. A must try for any sushi lover out there!

    • Gindara Saikyo Yaki (Grilled Black Cod) [銀だら西京焼き]


      A favourite among folks in Japan. Gindara Saikyo Yaki is Grilled Black Cod marinated in a special miso sauce. It has it's origins from the Kyoto area which is where the Saikyo miso comes from. Silky and rich in texture with a sweet, salty and savory profile all at the same time. A must try!

    • Gyu Don [牛丼]

    • Loco Moco Don [ロコモコ丼]


      Hawaii is a popular tourist destination for Japanese. Hawaiian cuisines also very popular in Japan.  The one that has become particularly popular with Japanese people is Loco Moco which consists of a hamburger steak, karaage, avokado, and sunny-side up egg on top of rice and covered with a sauce.  "Loco" means crazy in Spanish.  "Moco" was added to make good rhythm and sound.


    • Maguro Salad (Tuna Sashimi Salad) [マグロサラダ]


      We've always had salmon sashimi salad on our menu and with the creation of our new Sakana menu, we've decided to expand our offerings and do BC Tuna (Maguro) as a melt-in-your-mouth option.

    • Poke Ramen [ポケラーメン]

    • Sashimi [さしみ]


      This has always been one of the items off our secret menu but we've gotten so much demand for it, it's now part of our regular menu!

      Your choice of BC Tuna or Salmon Sashimi.

    • Shime Saba (Mackerel Sashimi) [しめ鯖]


      Shime Saba is a classic Japanese dish that sushi connoiseurs love for it's distinct flavour. Mackerel is extremely popular in Japan but is normally not suitable as sashimi because it's freshness deteriorates really quickly.

      We Japanese love our mackerel and our sashimi so it was just natural for us to find a way to have both! To help preserve the delicate fish, salt and rice vinegar are used as a marinade to preserve the fish. We don't know who figured this out, but someone should buy this person a beer!

      If you love pickled herring or ceviche, you will love this!

      5 pieces - Pickled Mackerel Sashimi

    • Shoga-yaki [しょうが焼き定食]

    • Una Don (Unagi Don) [うな丼]


      Unagi Don or Unadon for short is BBQ Eel on a bowl of rice. Made with a sweet and savoury soy sauce, this dish is a favourite not only in Japan but throughout Asia. Made like it is in Japan with freshwater eel instead of saltwater eel, not only is the flavour richer, it's also jam packed with omega-3's!

    • Zukedon [づけ丼]


      Also part of our new Sakana(fish) menu. The proper name for this is Maguro no zuke-don. Formally, this dish features marinated BC Tuna Sashimi on a bowl of rice but we know how much our customers love salmon so we offer this with the option of either BC Tuna Sashimi or Salmon Sashimi. This is a must try for any tuna or salmon sashimi lover out there.