Sakawa Coffee is an authentic Japanese cafe located on the Danforth in Toronto’s east side.

We believe our concept is unique in Toronto because we focus on the comfort foods we loved back home in Japan and wanted to share the experience here. From various Japanese regional dishes to the every day foods that Japanese people eat. We bring the true authentic flavours of Japan for both the homesick Japanese individual and those who want to experience everyday Japanese cuisine without having to leave Toronto.

If you looking for calm place to escape for a coffee, craving some authentic Japanese food you can’t find elsewhere or just want to enjoy some Japanese beer after a long day of work. Sakawa Coffee is the place to be. Contrary to our name, we’re more than just coffee (~_^)/b

Yoroshiku Onegai itashimasu


Sakawa Coffee はトロントにある本格的な日本のカフェです。


コーヒーと共に穏やかな空間や他では見つけることのできない本格的な日本料理を探していたり、仕事後に日本のビールを楽しみたい方は、Sakawa Coffeeこそまさにそのような場所です。


What does Sakawa mean?

It’s a river in the Kanagawa region of Japan that head chef and owner Koki Oguchi grew up next to.


Sakawa (酒匂)は、日本の神奈川県にある川の名前であり、私たちのオーナーの出身地です。