• Omurice

      As seen on countless Japanese TV shows and anime. Now you can try the world famous Omurice without going to Japan!

    • Omurice [オムライス]

      • Chicken fried rice covered with a thin egg omelet with a demiglace sauce on top.
      • Comes with Salad
    • Japanese Style Doria

      A Japanese take on a classic French Gratin dish. It was first prepared in Japan at the historic New Grand Hotel in Yokohoma back in the 1920's and has since then become a mainstay in many Japanese households.

    • Japanese Style Doria [ドリア]

      • Chicken Fried Rice bathed in a creamy white sauce topped with cheese and broiled.
      • Comes with salad

      (Pair's exceptionally well with a glass of white wine)

    • Deep Fry Combo

    • Pork, Shrimp & Salmon

      • Combo platter with deep fried pork katsu, shrimp and salmon served with rice.
    • Japanese Style Spaghetti

      First created at the historic New Grand Hotel in Yokohama by head chef Shigetada Irie after World War II. Japanese style spaghetti is a very popular dish among Japanese people of all ages.

    • Napolitan [ナポリタン]


      A very popular dish in Japan!

      • Ham, Onion, Pepper, Mushrooms served on a bed of spaghetti with a ketchup based sauce
    • Tomato & Meat Sauce [ミートソース]

      • A bed of spaghetti served with a rich and tangy tomato and meat sauce
    • Donburi

      A classic bowl of Japanese rice with egg and a savory sauce topped with an ingredient of your choice. All Donburi's now come with miso soup. Add a side salad for $0.50!

    • Add Salad


      Add a side salad to your donburi

    • Katsu Don [かつ丼]

      • Breaded deep fried pork cutlet on top of a bowl of rice with egg and a savory sauce.
    • Oyako Don [親子丼]

      • Chunks of chicken on rice with egg and a sweet and savory sauce.
    • Tofu Veggie Don [とうふ野菜丼]

      • Tofu, Vegetables on a bed of rice with egg and a sweet & savory sauce.
    • Japanese Curry Rice

      [ カレーライス ] Believe it or not, Curry Rice is one of the most popular dishes in Japan. It was introduced to Japan during the Meiji era by the British, it's so widely consumed that it's now practically our national dish. (no really, we Japanese really do love our Curry Rice *that much*)

    • Curry Rice [かつカレー]

      • Pork Katsu, Chicken Katsu or Chicken Karaage on a bed of rice and curry.
    • Vegetable Curry Rice [野菜カレー]

      • Vegetables atop a bed of rice and curry - Vegetarian Friendly
    • Japanese Hamburg Rice

      [ ハンバーグ ] A very popular entree in many bento lunches in Japan.

    • Add-ons

      • Cheese 1.99 | Fried Egg 1.99 | Curry 2.99 | Ebi fry(fried shrimp) 2.99
    • Hamburg Rice

      • 220g Hamburg Steak. Service with rice and a sweet & tangy sauce