Drinking is part of Japanese culture and it’s not uncommon to see big groups of people drinking or even the staff from an entire company drinking with their boss. Most Japanese Restaurants don’t offer much in terms of alcohol, but we wanted to change that by bringing the Japanese drinking experience here to Toronto. (^-^)_日

    • Sake

      When people think about Japanese alcohol, sake is usually the first thing that comes up. Served hot or cold, sake is great on it's own, as part of a meal or even before and after a meal! There's honestly never a bad time to have sake.

    • House Gekkeikan Sake [日本酒 月桂冠]


      Here at Sakawa Coffee, we are proud to serve Gekkeikan Sake as our house sake. With it's roots beginning as far back as 1637, the Gekkeikan Traditional Sake as it is considered to be the world's most popular "junmai-shu" which is a pure rice-wine with additional distilled alcohol being added.

      It is a well balanced clear sake with a clean, medium finish with a hint of grapefruit and a slight bit of earthiness.

      Pairs well with tempura, fish, shellfish and vegetable dishes.

      We serve this sake hot as it provides a very pleasant warming sensation going down.

      • Small - 5
      • Large - 9.5


    • Beer

      Japan is famous for it's drinking culture and we want to live up to it's fame. When it comes to Japanese alcohol, there's more than just sake! Japanese beer has been growing in global popularity and much like Toronto, craft beer is now a thing in Japan now too! (and yes, we also offer Japanese Craft Beer here)

    • Asahi [アサヒ]


      Asahi Super Dry - Touted as Japan's No. 1 beer, we couldn't be an authentic Japanese restaurant without it. Our Asahi Draft is a direct import from Tokyo so you can experience the exact same beer enjoyed in Japanese bars, clubs and sporting events. To add to the authentic beer drinking experience, we actually use the same beer dispenser found in Japan that also produces a smooth, creamy head.


      • Small - 7
      • Large - 9
      • Pitcher - 24

      Asahi large can to-go  - 9.99

    • Kirin Ichiban [キリン一番]


      Kirin Ichiban is one of the purest beers in the world and true to it's name, it is one of Japan's most popular beers sold in bars. Made with a first press brewing process which extracts only the purest, most flavourful portion of the ingredients. Kirin Ichiban has a very distinctly smooth taste to it that is clean and full bodied without any of the aftertaste that normally comes with a beer with this much flavour.

      If you're looking for a nice light beer to relax with, this is it.

    • Sapporo [サッポロ]


      A Japanese Premium Draft beer, you've probably seen this in a lot of Japanese restaurants. Light and crisp, clean and refreshing. A very well balanced beer. Pairs well with almost everything.